About GearJot

GearJot makes gear and asset management easier, more intuitive, more collaborative and more profitable.

Whether you roll in mining machinery in South America or oversee a small, mixed fleet construction company in Ohio, GearJot has simple solutions to make your work — and your life — easier. Started by David Macfarlan of Macfarlan Machinery in 2015, our straightforward app simplifies gear- and site-specific work by enabling users to streamline operations, decrease downtime, gather data, improve productivity, fatten margins and, generally speaking, get a lot more done with a lot less hassle.

A Day in the Life of a GearJot User

Because every day’s a good day with GearJot.

It’s 8:00 am

Jeb Bonds, a dozer operator, arrives at the job site, clocks in on his smartphone and opens his pre-shift checklist.

Over in HR, Daphne Reed checks and then triggers Jeb’s bi-weekly paycheck without manual data entry. His hours, along with the hours of hundreds of other operators, are always automatically tracked and logged.

200 miles away

Farid Rashidi, the executive in charge of budget projections for the upcoming year, accesses labor data through the company ERP, including Jeb’s hours logged in GearJot.

Henry Pope is the Project Manager on the Aqueduct Project, where Jeb works. He uses GearJot to track employee hours, geofence gear and build custom Forms so he can track and manage everything from safety inspections to resource allocation.

A Task is automatically generated

Alerting Sharon Ebbing, the company’s Equipment Manager. She quickly writes Jeb back to make sure his dozer is safe enough to use until the repair can be made.

Sharon then assigns the Task that was automatically generated to Miguel Munoz, one of the company’s mechanics. She also includes relevant comments so there’s no confusion.

Miguel receives an alert

about the Task on his smartphone. He opens it up, looks at the photo and replies to Sharon, telling her he’ll head to the job site and assess the damage and repair needs.

Miguel inspects the dozer and decides he needs to order a replacement part.

Sharon then re-assigns the Task

from Miguel to Asha Reddy, the Purchasing Manager. Asha immediately has access to the thread, the photo and the part number. She creates a P.O., approves it, places the order and then attaches it to the thread. Then she replies back to Miguel.

Everyone on the thread — Jeb, Sharon, Miguel, Asha — knows without a doubt the problem is being taken care of.

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