Put what you need to know right at your fingertips

GearJot’s Activity Feed makes knowing what’s going on in your company as easy as taking a scroll through your favorite social media app.

A quick scroll through the Activity Feed can bring you and your entire team up to speed. And it’s faster (and more fun) than a day full of meetings.

Feed populates everything that’s happening with your team, gear and projects in real-time.

Social media-inspired design means the learning curve is easy.

Enables better communication and understanding across teams.

Makes tracking and monitoring workflow simpler and more straightforward.

GearJot Works

There are probably a lot of software solutions that could work for you. We’ve made one you’ll actually use.

GearJot Works

See at a glance what’s happening every given moment — even moments in the past.

Streamline how and where your team communicates — no more searching for text or email threads.

Break down siloes between departments, improving communication and collaboration along the way.

Easily access specific Forms, Tasks, Jots and Service Alerts from the Activity Feed.

Make it easy for everyone you work with to do their jobs.

In the same way that social media has made it easier to keep up with friends, family, news and events, GearJot’s Activity Feed makes it easier to keep up with the nuts and bolts of working in — and running — an equipment-centered company. Stay on top of the work that matters, and see more of it as it happens.

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