Staying in the loop just got a whole lot easier

Collaboration and conversation meet convenience. With Jots, connection becomes second nature.

Fast, reliable communication defines collaboration for the equipment-centered company in the Digital Age.

Intuitive interface invites better communication across teams and projects.

Offline functionality saves in-field comments, photos, issues, etc.

Jots can be assigned to gear, jobs, shops, fleets, employees — whatever makes work easier.

Fully search-capable so you can find what you’re looking for fast.

GearJot Relates

How well you and your team communicate affects everything from client satisfaction to your bottom line.

Jot Illustrations

User-focused design makes it as easy to use as texting or social media.

Offline capabilities mean invaluable field data doesn’t get lost.

Say what you mean and clarify it with file attachments, hyperlinks, photos and more.

No user limit. Keep everybody who needs to know in the know.

Keep track of, talk about and collaborate on everything that matters.

In the Digital Age, it’s the human component that can make or break your business. Jots are a radically simple tool that lets organizations put into practice the radically simple idea that removing barriers to collaboration, communication and connection will yield time-saving and money-making results. Never miss out on what’s really happening again. Give yourself and your team the tools you need to really solve problems and streamline work.

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