Telematics solutions for the 21st century

It’s time to make the promises of the internet of things real — for you, your company and your customers. Our telematics solution can help do that, lowering TCO and providing value in brand-new ways.

Straightforward and simple to use, our tracking and monitoring software for gear, fleets, sites and shops helps you get more out of every thing and everybody.

Collects and gathers data into one, cloud-based app for easy access from anywhere.

Mixed fleet capable — GearJot can aggregate all telematics providers and manufacturers.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware and provider, or you can use ours.

Not just for equipment, GearJot can also be used to pull data off sites, shops and buildings.

GearJot IoTs

Real-time GPS tracking is just the tip of the iceberg.

Activity Feed Illustration

Real-time alerts monitor engine health, fuel use and more.

Intuitive, interactive interface means your entire team will use it and benefit.

Easily access vehicle, equipment and site history from inside the app.

Great customer service, plus unlimited data storage and no contracts.

Because you can’t improve what you’re not aware of.

The wealth of data your gear and assets can generate is only as good as your ability to aggregate it, analyze it and act upon it. Our mixed fleet and asset management software simplifies and defines basic use cases for equipment and jobs sites to protect your assets, while simultaneously optimizing and streamlining the work that keeps your company running.

Our Telematics Solution

Whether you have yet to discover the potential ways fleet- and asset-collected data can benefit your business, or you’re unsatisfied with the telematics hardware or provider you’re currently working with, we can help. Our telematics solutions can be utilized in almost any situation.

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